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Wholesale Refurbished Phones

Dvcom Wholesale fully refurbished phones in Weston like new and super tested to make sure our customers will receive their phones in like new condition.

  • All of our refurbished phones will have brand new housing and parts.
  • All of our refurbished phones are super tested and will arrive to our customers in like new condition.
  • All of our refurbished phones will include 60 days functionality warranty.

It is a Good Idea to Buy Refurbished Phones?

Dvcom refurbished phones are simply used or pre-owned cell phones that are completely tested for defects, serviced and packaged before being sold again to a new owner in Weston. Many people are choosing to go for this option rather than buying a brand new phone. Largely, this seems to be the favored choice for people who have lost, misplaced or damaged their current phone and do not have the funds to purchase a new phone at the moment. They choose to buy refurbished phones with US based companies being the first preference, which gives them the guarantee of getting a reliable mobile that will work well in the short term.

The main advantage of purchasing a previously owned phone that has been repaired and set right is that since it is not new it cannot be sold at the market price for that handset; in fact it is usually sold at a mere fraction of the MRP. This means that customers can get high end phones at extremely affordable prices. This kind of bargain price is especially attractive for students and young professionals who need a well-functioning phone but don’t necessarily have the funds to buy a new one. People, who are waiting for the new version of their preferred brand of phone and simply need a replacement phone to last them till the latest technology is released, often opt for low priced, repaired, second hand phones.

A common misconception is that it is not a good idea to purchase a pre-owned phone as it is likely to be riddled with defects. However, the way to avoid this is to ensure the purchase is made from a reliable retailer such as DVCOM in Weston. With trusted brands the likelihood of any defects is extremely low as the phone is thoroughly checked, tested, serviced and treated before being sold again. Their technicians service the phone to make it near mint condition. Also, a good brand will also offer a guarantee period so that if any unexpected defects occur when using the phone, it can be returned or exchanged. Thus, not only is buying a good quality second hand phone that has been well serviced an affordable option, it also comes with the necessary guarantees that make it a good investment.

There are other benefits of buying a used phone. It is a very environmentally friendly option. Rather than an old phone being dumped, it can be used till its full potential is exhausted. They are recycled products and this is an immensely appealing factor for environmentally conscious people.

Wholesale Refurbished mobile phones

Ultimately, the decision of purchasing a second hand phone will be based on a number of factors beyond just the cheap price. Customers shouldn’t just hunt for the cheapest handset they can find as most phones that have been refurbished will usually be very low cost; instead, they should focus on finding a good seller known for their good customer service, reliable guarantees and expert phone repairs. This is the only way to ensure the customer gets a good bargain.

DVcom LLC is also a wholesaler of original and used tested spare parts, including LCD, flex cables, Batteries, and various ic parts.

DVcom LLC currently sells and distributes professional refurbish machines for lcd such as lens separator, frame hot glue sealer, vacuum machine, lens assembler etc.

DVcom LLC can manufacture various accessories and customize the packing and the item according to customer’s specific requirements, such as logo, molding etc. These accessories include cases, selfie sticks, mobile charger and batteries and other mobile related accessories. DVcom LLC can certify these items to international standards such as FCC, SGS, UL, CB, CE.

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